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Supporting SEND students

Starting a new school can be very exciting and you will have no problem making the transition from primary to secondary school. On the other hand, there may be some of you who are still worried about some things:

  • Do I have the right resources?
  • Will I make any friends?
  • Will I get lost?
  • Who will I speak to if I need something or am upset?
  • I had support in my primary school, who will be helping me now?
  • Will the school have all the information they need about me?

Don't worry, the FLC team will be available to answer all these questions for you and will support you throughout your time at Uxbridge High School.

What will happen during the summer term to support me?

Our transition teacher has been in contact with all Year 6 teachers and the SENCOs from every school. During these meetings, she has gathered all the information she needs to ensure that you make a smooth transition from primary to secondary school.

We also have a very good established transition programme for SEND students. We have created an A5 photobook which is available below. This book will help you to familiarise yourself with the new environment. We will also send a copy of the transition programme for you to complete with your parents. These two booklets, together with this webpage; will support you with your transition from primary school to secondary school and may answer most of the question that you have.

What happens when I start in September?

At Uxbridge High School, we have the Flexible Learning Centre (FLC). Staff in the centre will be supporting all Year 7 students at the start of September to ensure you all have access to everything you need, know where to go and understand how things are done here at Uxbridge High School. The support from the FLC will be short term for some of you, but others may need a bit more support. This support may be in the form of either small group sessions or in-class support. The FLC is also a quiet space in school where you can always find someone to talk to. 

The FLC team will speak with you teachers regularly so that they know the best ways to support you through your learning journey. The teachers in the FLC will also work closely with any other professionals that you visit outside of school.

What do I do if I need to speak to someone?

If you have concerns or worries, ask your parent to email the school office at They will then forward your email on to a member of the FLC team, who will arrange a time to discuss the matter with you and your parent.