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Summer assessments 2023

Examinations Information – Summer 2023 

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Examinations Officer: Mrs T Salim Email: 


Summer 2023 GCSE, A Level and Vocational Timetables 

Summer 2023 Exam Timetable

Examinations Contingency Day – Thursday 28th June 2023



Exam Timetables and Seating Plans 

All candidates sitting external examinations will have an individual candidate timetable provided prior to commencement of the exam period. These timetables will show students key information including their exam room, seat row and number and the length of the exam paper. 


Exam Times 

Public examinations will normally begin at 8.45am in the morning and 1:20pm in the afternoon. Students should arrive promptly for all scheduled exams. All students must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time. 

If you are running late on the day of an exam, please telephone reception on 01895 234060 who will ensure that the examinations team are aware. 

You should come into school as soon as possible and start the examination. If you arrive more than one hour after an examination has started, you will not sit the examination in the case of any paper of an hour or more, or for papers of less than one hour, if you arrive once the paper has completed. 


Exam Clashes 

Exam clashes may occur where two scheduled examinations are due to take place at the same time. These are normally identified in advance and your individual candidate timetable will show details of the re-arranged times. 

Where students have an exam clash, it is necessary to keep these students under supervised conditions during the clash period to protect the integrity of the exam. The arrangements made for exam clash will be given to students in advance. 

If you have identified a clash on your individual candidate timetable that has not been resolved, please speak to the examination's officer immediately.



If you are unwell on the day of an exam you must notify the school as a matter of urgency by telephoning 01895 234060 and contact your doctor’s surgery to seek medical advice. You must complete the JCQ Form 14 Self Certification Form (link below) which must be signed by the student, parent, doctor’s surgery and the school.


JCQ Form 14 Self Certification Form 


Please return this form to the examination's officer within 48 hours as failure to complete this form may result in a charge of withdrawal exam fee. 

Following submission of the self-certification form, the examination's officer will apply for special consideration to the relevant exam board. The examination board will decide whether they can award a grade. The outcome will be communicated upon receipt by the school.


Equipment and the Exam Room 

The school’s policy is that no mobile phones, watches, bags or other prohibited items may be brought into the exam hall or room. 

You will be given a verbal reminder by the invigilators to ensure you have complied with this request. 

If any prohibited item is found on you during the examination, you will subject to a malpractice investigation, which is a serious offence and this could result in DISQUALIFICATION from your examination and your overall qualification. 

Other information 

  • If you feel ill during the examination or wish to communicate with an invigilator for any reason, you must raise your hand and wait for them to come over to speak to you 
  • If there is a fire alarm, you will be instructed about the procedure and must follow all instructions from the invigilators 
  • You will not be allowed to leave the exam room before the published end time 
  • An announcement will be read before the start of each exam. Please listen carefully and follow this in order to satisfy the requirements of the examination boards 


Post-Results Services 

Enquiries about results (a review of marking) 

Following the release of examination results, the school will review all candidates’ performance. Where the school believes there has been an error in marking, or remarking is likely to result in a higher grade based on published unit mark boundaries, the school will look to request a remark of candidate’s paper(s). 

Parents/carers can request a remark at their own expense, when a remark is not supported/recommended by the school on the grounds that remarking is unlikely to result in a better grade based on published grade boundaries. 

Parental led requests must be submitted in writing to the examination's officer by sending an email to The exam's officer will then advise the parent regarding the remark and ask the student to complete a consent form. Payment for a remark will need to be made at time of the application as advised by the examination's officer on an individual basis. 

Parents/carers and candidates are reminded that a remark can result in their marks and/or grade being lowered. It is recommended that candidates seek the advice of their subject teacher(s) or head of department before making a request.


Recall of Exam Scripts 

Scripts maybe requested by the school to either inform/support an appeal about a result or for teaching and learning purposes. Candidates will be approached by the exams officer and will need to give their consent before a script may be requested. 

Scripts maybe requested by parents/carers at their expense (forms are available from the exams officer). Candidates will need to give their consent and full payment will be required in advance of the application being submitted. 


Joint Council for Qualifications 

If you are sitting either a written examination this year or an on-screen test (such as a BTEC exam), please read the various documents under “Candidate Information” which are issued by the exam boards. 

It is important that you understand the regulations surrounding controlled assessments for the preparation of your work, to know what is considered to be plagiarism and the penalties for breaking the regulations.