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The sociology team at Uxbridge high school are committed to empowering students through knowledge and understanding of the world. As a social science, sociology is concerned with the study of society, human behaviour and relationships. Using empirical investigation and critical analysis, sociology focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the ever-changing and adapting social world.

The sociology curriculum at UHS, for both mastery and advanced level, is designed to promote a high level of engagement and passion for learning amongst all students. As the subject incorporates a number of skills developed across other curriculum areas across the school, students are able to create and explore links between subjects and departments. An example of this includes English, where students are required to transfer their writing and analysis skills to their planning and essay writing in sociology.

Although covering a diverse range of subject areas, sociology, at its core, remains focused on identifying social ‘facts’ and tackling social issues head on. Subject topics can range anywhere from race, social class, crime and law, poverty and education to more theoretical issues such as the impact of radical change to whole societies. Sociologists across the globe use a critical eye to analyse sensitive social issues such as these and play an integral role in policy change and development. As sociology plays such a large role in students own lives, the development of their knowledge into the given subject areas creates engaged and active learners. This engagement is a vital part of the sociology curriculum as it aims to create forward-thinking and well-rounded young adults.