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The intent of the science department is to develop student’s understanding and love of science while supporting the whole school mission. The science department believes in the potential of every child and works to develop the mind-set and skills necessary to be a successful learner. In the science department, every child matters and we continue to strive to help students achieve their very best through excellent teaching and learning and a positive environment.

We are committed to providing a stimulating, engaging and intellectually challenging learning environment to enable all our students to develop scientific consciousness, from the subatomic to the intergalactic. We are extremely proud of the broad and balanced curriculum we offer to all of our students.

In the Science Faculty we aim to inspire students to discover the wonder of Science through both practical and academic aspects, stimulate debate, develop a critical approach to scientific evidence and ignite student’s passion to learn in all three disciplines.

All science lessons at Uxbridge High School encourage students to work as part of a team during group work and practical tasks, this enhances the students’ ability to respond to others and their needs. Within lessons students are encouraged to voice their opinions and express their views using evidence to back up their ideas; they are taught to listen respectfully to others and to try to see issues from multiple points of view.

Literacy in science and Numeracy are developed across all disciplines. Students who enter the school working at a lower-than-expected level in English and Mathematics are supported via additional Literacy and Numeracy interventions.

Special features of the department include extra-curricular activities e.g. Year 6 CSI Summer School, visits to Brunel University and Imperial and Kings College University; Visits to the Science Museum and London Zoo, Inter-school competitions, Sixth Form trips to CERN. Science Club takes place during lunchtime, once a week, and all Y7 students are welcome.  The Science Club members engage in the CREST scheme and students work towards Bronze Awards. 

We operate a positive behaviour management strategy at all times. Students are expected to follow safety guidelines laid out in the Safety Policy, given the nature of the subject. Good behaviour and effort is rewarded using whole school systems; through the achievement of PROUD badges, certificates and prizes.

The Team The science teaching team is made up of 12 fully qualified science teachers supported by a senior science technician and 2 further science technicians. The team is housed in 10 purpose built laboratories with 2 prep rooms. With an emphasis on learning through doing, we are well-equipped for practical experimentation.