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SMSC in Business Studies

SMSC in Business Studies

Spiritual development within Business Studies involves students being encouraged to explore sexism, racism and discrimination in the workplace through the discussion and application of employment laws to businesses. Students are encouraged to express their own opinion and explore different examples. Students also explore their own feelings and meaning and reflect upon topics such as ethics. Students are encouraged to explore these concepts and challenge the actions that businesses should take. This also helps to develop students' empathy and compassion skills and allows them to take into consideration other people's aims, values, principles and beliefs.

Moral development within Business Studies involves students being required to evaluate, comment upon and discuss various moral issues relating to business practices. They will do this through the use of observations, gathering of information and reviewing given case studies to support this. Students will consider these moral and ethical dilemmas and apply them to their own business set up in order to make valid judgements. Students spend a large proportion of the course investigating the impact of the action of a business upon society and the local community in which they operate. For example, students consider the political, social, environmental and technological issues arising as a result of business decisions. Students also draw upon their own knowledge to distinguish between what is right and wrong.

Social development within Business Studies involves students being encouraged to develop their team working skills through collaborative work and research. The students also explore the concept of teams and the roles that individuals have to play and how this can impact a business. Students often work collaboratively to understand new concepts and share information researched, thus giving them responsibility over their work.

Cultural development within Business Studies involves students being given the chance to see how the functions of a business operates. Students look at the changes within society and how they may impact on businesses. In year 11 students explore how businesses grow and our reliance on global business trade. Students are encouraged to explore the wealth of different countries and how developed they are. The department is planning opportunities for students to look at how organisations work by visiting businesses and arranging for business people such as PWC to speak to them at school, to enhance their knowledge and skills.