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Rewards and sanctions




As an Uxbridge High School student, you will be expected to embody our PROUD values. We expect you to:

Be positive about new types of learning in the classroom;

Be respectful and kind to all members of our school community;

Be open minded about all new opportunities;

Demonstrate your unique skills and talents;

Be determined to meet your target grades.


We all like to be congratulated when we have done well and at Uxbridge High we like to award character credits. You can gain character credits from your teachers for demonstrating our PROUD values in all that you do.  Creating a fantastic piece of work; going out of your way to help your teacher or fellow student; participating in a school club; or participating in the school production; are just some of the ways you can demonstrate these values. By collecting character credits, you can earn PROUD badges, certificates, prizes and will be invited to go on one of our many reward trips. Each week students with the most character credits will also be recognised by their head of learning during the year assembly. For exceptional displays of academic achievement or outstanding positive contributions to school life, you may also be rewarded with our highest award, known as the Principal's Commendation. In addition, you could be invited to attend the UHS Awards Evening to receive a special award in front of your parents. 

Behaviour Policy

Code of Conduct
  • All members of the school community should treat each other with tolerance, understanding and respect;
  • All students should attend school as required and be punctual at all times;
  • All students should have their equipment, books and PE kit as necessary for the school activities of the day;
  • All students should wear the correct school uniform;
  • All students should help look after and improve the school environment, including school property;
  • All students should follow the school rules and behave in a responsible way, both in school and when travelling to and from school;
  • All students should complete homework and project work on time;
  • All students should work to the best of their ability in all areas.


The school’s behaviour policy is based on the code of conduct.  We do not have a long list of rules, however, you need to know the following:

Classroom non-negotiables
  • Follow the seating plan;
  • Arrive on time, equipped and ready to learn;
  • Listen respectfully;
  • Present work neatly;
  • Work hard and make a positive contribution.
School non-negotiables
  • Attend on time, wearing the correct uniform;
  • Move swiftly to your next lesson, considering others;
  • Be respectful towards each other and staff;
  • Communicate positively;
  • Take responsibility for the school environment e.g. don’t drop litter;
  • Mobile phone and headphones (see ‘ see it – lose it’ below).
Students must not:
  • Leave the school premises without permission;
  • Eat in corridors, classrooms or reception areas;
  • Bring into school: smoking materials; alcohol; chewing gum; illegal substances; Tippex; dangerous items or offensive literature;
  • Swear or use threatening behaviour.
See it – lose it

You may bring your mobile phone in to school, but it must remain switched off in your bag at all times whilst you are on school premises.  If you are seen with your phone, it will be taken and held until the end of the day. If you are wearing any non-school uniform items, these will also be taken and held until the end of the day. Any items that are repeatedly confiscated may be kept until the end of the term.

Personal Property

Any personal possessions are brought to school entirely at your own risk.  All items of property should be clearly labelled. The following items should not be brought to school:

  • Articles of value, e.g. expensive pens, jewellery, iPods or any other hand-held electrical equipment.  The school will not take responsibility for loss or damage to such items.
  • Any food that creates additional litter and/or is not considered to be of nutritional value (for example sweets, confectionery, fizzy drinks).  Items of this nature that are brought into school will be confiscated and returned to the students at the end of the school day. 

There is no need for you to bring any money in to school as lunches, uniform and equipment can only be paid for via Parent Pay.

We recommend all students carry a reusable water bottle each day.

What happens if I get into trouble?

On occasions some students get things wrong and break the code of conduct.  When this happens, you will be told and may receive behaviour points.  For more serious misconduct, you may be asked to attend a detention and your parent will be notified of this via the Class Charts app.