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Religious Education

“Religion is a powerful force for good in our world, and the perversion of it a powerful force for evil. If our society and our world are to benefit from the good and to avoid the evil, it is vital that children develop religious literacy and come to understand religious perceptions and motivations. They need to learn about their own religious or non-religious beliefs and practices and attitudes and learn to respect those of their fellow human beings.”

The very Rev Dr John Hall, chair of the Commission on Religious Education

Our focus across our five-year Religious Education curriculum is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge needed to achieve their potential. Students transition smoothly between Foundation and Mastery level, becoming rounded individuals with the key knowledge and skills to succeed in higher education and beyond.

As a RE department we aspire to demonstrate the importance RE holds within a religious and Non-Religious content.  We aim to give students the ability to navigate through society and the world amongst their peers now and in the future.  No matter their beliefs, practices or their family background our aim is to teach; tolerance, a panoramic view of society and understanding of others.