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Physical Education

The aim of physical education at Uxbridge High School is to develop physically literate individuals who are willing to take risks, responsibility and ownership of their own learning.  In physical education at Uxbridge High School we offer a balanced and varied curriculum that provides our students with ample opportunity to develop both physically and academically.  Our holistic approach to teaching enables students to develop essential skills necessary in helping to prepare students for life beyond school.  We aim to provide character building opportunities, ensuring students develop their knowledge and understanding of the importance of health and wellbeing, where students enthusiastically take an interest in leading an active lifestyle. This is supported through our work with schools, and organisations throughout and beyond the Hillingdon borough, to promote student engagement with local clubs, creating an ambition to play sport and develop skills, techniques and knowledge outside of school.

Through providing an exciting, vibrant curriculum, we hope to ignite an interest in sport, being physically active and how to become healthy.  Throughout each stage of our students’ learning at Uxbridge High School, we provide a safe learning environment where students are comfortable and encouraged to take risks.  Through creating such an environment, students fear of failure is eradicated and students become comfortable when working outside of their comfort zone, thus developing resilient learners.  Both teaching staff and students have created and bought in to this culture where high standards and expectations are the foundation of our success in PE.  This has created an inclusive environment for all learners regardless of their needs, providing opportunity and access for all students to partake in PE and be successful.

Through providing students with the necessary academic knowledge, understanding and qualifications, the PE team hope to prepare our students for further and higher education with the ambition of building and developing a career in sport.