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The Importance of Numeracy 

Numeracy is the building block to all of Maths. If you are quick with your times tables, can add, subtract divide, and multiply then there is very little that you won’t be able to do in maths. Being numerate also helps you across all your subjects especially in science but also in business studies, geography, DT and many more. Having good numeracy skills is as important as being able to read well and we therefore promote it here at Uxbridge High School. 

Numeracy Skills 

Everyone should strive to build their numeracy skills every day. Key to having good numeracy skills is to be quick with your times tables. If you click the link to the Online Times Tables Test you can challenge yourself each day to get a better score. This will really help improve your numeracy.  

Another useful website is the 5-A-Day Numeracy where you can do a mixture of 5 key numeracy skills everyday testing your four operations, proportions and place value. Not only are these key skills but they will also be very beneficial in your examinations. Again, you should aim to do a 5-A-Day task every day. 

Another useful site is Hit the Button. This also has an app that you can download to try and beat your score and compete with your friends. Again this really help builds numerical skills through times tables, number bonds and work with square numbers. 

Hegarty Maths 

Hegarty Maths is the single most important resource that all Uxbridge High School students should be doing on a weekly basis. We have set the target that students should aim to do a minimum of 1 hour 30 minutes of Hegarty Maths each week. Hegarty Maths is fantastic because the more learning you do, the more the system tailors itself to fit your knowledge and the areas you need to work on. There are three types of tasks you should be doing on Hegarty Maths: 

  1. Set Tasks-These are the tasks set by the teacher. They should always be your priority to complete first. These appear when you log in to Hegarty and select ‘My Tasks’. 

  1. Memri Tasks- These are an excellent way to help build your memory of the maths and numeracy skills you have covered. The Memri tasks are based to help you revise previous work so it sticks in your memory. You should aim to do 1 Memri task a week. These are especially important during school holidays! 

  1. Fix-up-5-This is a great way to go over questions you were getting incorrect and to make sure you can now answer them.  

Hegarty Maths is also great as you can ask questions and watch videos that will help you with the learning. Teachers can give instant feedback and monitor your work. We reward students who have the most hours of learning, most hours of Memri and also the most improved students.