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GCSE Grade Descriptors

The student effectively controls the style and substance of historical writing, recognising in own work that the past is open to interpretation depending on the questions asked and evidence selected.

The student has employed a wide range of appropriate historical terminology to evaluate both the intended and unintended consequences of individuals’ past actions. 

The student’s writing is consistently accurate and is capable of recognising that interpretations about the past vary over time and are provisional.

The student has used a good range of appropriate historical terms to evaluate contrasting arguments about the past. 

The student has been considerably accurate in written work, which explains past events in terms of a complex flow of causes and consequences.

The student has demonstrated general control of meaning in detailed written work, which explains past events in terms of different factors of varying significance.

The student has demonstrated reasonably accurate knowledge and literacy by weighing up the importance of different factors. 

The student has demonstrated some control of written accuracy by testing multiple inferences against each other. 

The student has been able to provide a limited range of specific inferences about the past using historical evidence. 


The student has attempted to identify a specific cause of a past event but with unclear communication. 


The student has provided some general written information about something that happened in the past.


The student has been capable of some communication of general knowledge about a historical topic.