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Frequently Asked Questions


Absence - my child is unwell or will not be in school today

The parent or carer should contact the school by email via , giving your child's name, form group and reason for absence.


In order to apply for admission for your child, please see guidance for admissions under our Join UHS page.

Dental/medical appointments

If at all possible, medical and dental appointments, should be made during the school holidays or outside school time.  However, if your child has a medical appointment during the school day, they should bring a note in to school signed by a parent or carer, explaining the reason for leaving early.  In order to leave school early, your child must ask their teacher or if they are leaving during break or lunchtime, they should go to the welfare office. If the appointment was made urgently, please email the school via 

Emergencies - I need to collect my child from school urgently

When arriving at the school, please go to either of the pedestrian gates at the front of the school.  When you press the buzzer, a member of staff will collect your child from their lesson and bring them to you at the gate.

Free school meals, I believe my child is entitled, how do I apply?

Go to our Catering page and complete the online free school meal form, found at the bottom of this page.  As this is an online form, you will be immediately advised whether you are entitled or not.

Lateness to school

The parent or carer should contact the school by email via , giving your child's name, form group and the reason why they will be late.  When your child arrives to school, they should press the buzzer at Gate 2 and go straight to their next class.

Leave of Absence

If you wish to take your child out of school for a period of time for any reason, you will need to send your request to .  Please note that the Department for Education do not approve holidays during term time.

Lost property - my child has lost something, what should they do?

All property should be marked with your child's name. Mobile phones, along with other articles of value, e.g. jewellery, ipods or any other handheld electrical equipment should not be bought in to school as the school cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to such items.  If your child does bring a mobile phone to school, it must be switched off at all times and kept at the bottom of their school bag, until they leave the school site.

My child has forgotten their...

Lunch / glasses / water bottle - these can be brought into main reception and we will ensure they are passed to your child.

Medication - this can be brought into main reception, but must be accompanied with a note giving the name of your child, which form group they are in and when the medication should be given.

PE kit - unfortunately we do not take forgotten PE kits and your child should remember this when they pack their bag for school. If you do bring your child's PE kit to the school, you will be advised that we cannot take these at the gate.

Support in school - if i have a query concerning my child, who can help?

Form tutors are the first point of contact.  If the form tutor is unable to help or if your query is regarding behaviour, contact your child's Guidance Leader.  Attendance concerns should be directed to the Education Welfare Officer via email to .  Medical issues or concerns should be directed to the School Welfare Officer.  Subject specific information or concerns, contact the subject teacher or curriculum leader.  Please see our Key Staff for details.

Uniform support - i believe i may be entitled, how do i apply?

Go to our Uniform and Equipment page and complete the online uniform assistance form.  This will be sent to our finance department, who will make a decision and advise you of the outcome.

Unwell - if my child doesn't feel well whilst at school, what should they do?

Your child should tell their teacher, who will request a member of staff to collect them from class and take them to the welfare office.  If necessary, the School Welfare Officer will contact you to advise your child is unwell.