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Frequently Asked Questions


Absence - my child is unwell or will not be in school today

The parent or carer should contact the school by email via , giving your child's name, form group and reason for absence.


In order to apply for admission for your child, please see guidance for admissions under our Join UHS page.

Dental/medical appointments

If at all possible, medical and dental appointments, should be made during the school holidays or outside school time.  However, if your child has a medical appointment during the school day, they should bring a note in to school signed by a parent or carer, explaining the reason for leaving early.  In order to leave school early, your child must ask their teacher or if they are leaving during break or lunchtime, they should go to the welfare office. If the appointment was made urgently, please email the school via 

Emergencies - I need to collect my child from school urgently

When arriving at the school, please go to either of the pedestrian gates at the front of the school.  When you press the buzzer, a member of staff will collect your child from their lesson and bring them to you at the gate.

Free school meals, I believe my child is entitled, how do I apply?

Go to our Catering page and complete the online free school meal form, found at the bottom of this page.  As this is an online form, you will be immediately advised whether you are entitled or not.

Home/School Agreement

Uxbridge High School is committed to providing a positive learning environment in which young people can achieve and enjoy a purposeful and well-ordered programme of studies and experiences.  The trustees and staff want to establish positive links with parents and actively seek your co-operation in supporting and encouraging your children whilst at this school.   

Below are clear statements as to what we, as a school, expect and equally what you, as a parent, may expect of us.   

The UHS Way 

Uxbridge High School is a school of choice where, through outstanding teaching; inspirational opportunities and exceptional learning; we open minds and develop unique individuals.  Students and staff have the best possible environment in which to achieve, progress, learn and thrive.  They are positively focused, determined and demonstrate respect for all.  We are at the heart of our local community, a school in which all students, parents, staff, stakeholders and partners are PROUD to make success happen.   

Uxbridge High School will provide well-qualified and expert staff who will carefully plan all lessons and activities.  Students will be fully prepared for examinations and all students will have access to the full range of studies.  We expect our students to work hard and to the best of their ability in all the activities they undertake.  Students should be prepared to participate in as wide a range of activities as they can.  We seek to promote the maximum possible development of individual students’ talents and potential within a tolerant and caring community. 

Independent work 

Independent work is an essential part of a good education.  Tasks will also be set to extend and support students’ learning.  We ask parents to ensure these are completed regularly in a quiet area at home, by checking DPR for Years 7 to 9 and Microsoft Teams for Years 10 & 11.  PiXL Edge should also be used by students regularly to help develop their character. 

Discipline and behaviour 

The school has an agreed discipline policy and an anti-bullying policy which we expect parents to support.  Please take time to read these and other policies on our website –  The traditional values of courtesy, dress and commitment are highly valued.  The wearing of the prescribed uniform by students and the maintenance of a smart, well ordered learning environment will help enhance the reputation for the students and the school. 

Cashless school site 

The school is a cashless site and therefore students should not bring money on to the school site for any reason.  Payments for lunches, trips, stationery, etc are made via ParentPay only. 

Curriculum and wider curricular activities

We regularly review our curriculum offer for all phases of education, including our sixth form.  Details of our curriculum offer can be found on our website.  In addition, we offer a wide range of wider curricular opportunities, trips and visits to all students. 


Punctuality is extremely important and we ask that you make sure your child leaves for school early enough to ensure that they arrive at the appropriate time.  In very exceptional circumstances, the principal may grant permission for students to be absent from school during term time.  However, permission will not be granted for holidays.  In rare cases, where students are absent from school without permission, it is our duty to inform the local authority, who may issue a fixed penalty notice. 

Information exchange 

We also see as central to the school ethos the partnership that exists between the school, parents and students.  We see this partnership as a contract between parents, students and the school.  It is instrumental in ensuring that students commit themselves wholeheartedly to the hard work that will ensure they are successful at Uxbridge High School. 

Many concerns can be quickly resolved before they become problems by a simple telephone call or visit.  We will inform you of your child’s progress and encourage you to tell us about any concerns you have, either in relation to the school or changes in home life.  The vast majority of communication to parents is made electronically and it is therefore vital that you make sure we have your current email address for these communications.  Letters to individual students will be posted home.


Home school agreement – parents 

At Uxbridge High School we believe in involving parents fully in the education of their child.  We recognise the great benefit to a student’s progress that comes from the active support and involvement of parents.  By completing the online admissions form or in previous years, the admissions booklet, you and your child are agreeing to the following

As a parent of a student at Uxbridge High I agree to: 

  • encourage my child to show respect for all staff and other students at the school; 
  • encourage my child to behave responsibly at school and in other situations where the child is identified as a student of the school; 
  • ensure attendance and punctuality and keep the school informed about any reason for absence; 
  • ensure my child attends fully, unless unwell, and will not remove my child from school during term time for the purpose of family holidays; 
  • be aware of and make adequate arrangements for independent work at home; 
  • ensure, to the best of my ability, that my child has all the equipment and books necessary for the school activities of the day (including PE kit); 
  • be aware of uniform regulations and ensure that my child is correctly dressed; 
  • make every effort to attend parents’ evenings and school functions, as well as attending special appointments if requested; 
  • check my emails regularly as I understand this is the main communication method by the school; 
  • help promote respect and care for school property and that of others and be prepared to pay for or replace items in circumstances where my child has wilfully damaged or lost property. 

Home school agreement – students 

As a student at Uxbridge High School, I agree to: 

  • treat all members of the school community with tolerance, understanding and respect, as I would expect to be treated myself; 
  • attend school as required and to be punctual at all times; 
  • have with me all my equipment, books and kit necessary for the school activities of the day; 
  • wear the correct school uniform; 
  • help look after and improve the school environment, including school property; 
  • keep the school rules and behave in a responsible way, both in school and when travelling to and from school; 
  • complete homework and project work on time; 
  • work to the best of my ability in all areas. 

Lateness to school

The parent or carer should contact the school by email via , giving your child's name, form group and the reason why they will be late.  When your child arrives to school, they should press the buzzer at Gate 2 and go straight to their next class.

Leave of Absence

If you wish to take your child out of school for a period of time for any reason, you will need to send your request to .  Please note that the Department for Education do not approve holidays during term time.

Lost property - my child has lost something, what should they do?

All property should be marked with your child's name. Mobile phones, along with other articles of value, e.g. jewellery, ipods or any other handheld electrical equipment should not be bought in to school as the school cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to such items.  If your child does bring a mobile phone to school, it must be switched off at all times and kept at the bottom of their school bag, until they leave the school site.


Lunch times - can my child leave the school site

We do not allow students to leave the school site at lunchtime for any reason.  Students are under our care during the school day and therefore cannot leave the school site to go home for lunch or buy lunch elsewhere.  You should either provide money on your child's ParentPay in order to purchase lunch or provide them with a packed lunch.


The school can only administer medication to students with written parental consent due to government regulations.  These regulations include giving students paracetamol and any medication sent into school, including asthma medication.  

If your child is prone to headaches/migraine/period pain etc. or is on any other medication (e.g. for asthma), please provide the school with a supply of the appropriate medication, with an accompanying note stating the dosage required.

My child has forgotten their...

Lunch / glasses / water bottle - these can be brought into main reception and we will ensure they are passed to your child.

Medication - this can be brought into main reception, but must be accompanied with a note giving the name of your child, which form group they are in and when the medication should be given.

PE kit - unfortunately we do not take forgotten PE kits and your child should remember this when they pack their bag for school. If you do bring your child's PE kit to the school, you will be advised that we cannot take these at the gate.

Privacy Notice

Policy statement 

Under data protection law, individuals have a right to be informed about how the school uses any personal data that we hold about them. We comply with this right by providing ‘privacy notices’ to individuals where we are processing their personal data. 

During your child’s time at Uxbridge High School, we will gather and use information relating to you.  Information that we hold in relation to individuals is known as their “personal data”.  This will include data that we obtain from you directly and data about you that we obtain from other people and organisations.  We might also need to continue to hold your personal data for a period of time after your child has left the school.  Anything that we do with an individual’s personal data is known as “processing”. 

The following sets out what personal data we will hold about you, why we process that data, who we share this information with, and your rights in relation to your personal data processed by us. 

What information do we process in relation to you? 

We will collect, hold, share and otherwise use the following information about you: 

  • personal information (such as name, address, home and mobile numbers, personal email address, emergency contact details and relationship marital status); 
  • financial details (such as bank account or credit card details), and other financial details such as eligibility for free school meals or other financial assistance; 
  • CCTV footage and images obtained when you attend the school site; 
  • your relationship to your child, including any court orders that may be in place. 

We will also use special categories of data such as gender, age, ethnic group, sex or sexual orientation, religious or similar beliefs, information about health, genetic information and biometric data.  These types of personal data are subject to additional requirements. 

Where do we get your personal data from? 

We will obtain an amount of your personal data from you, by way of information gathering exercises at appropriate times such as when your child joins the school, and when you attend the school site and are captured by our CCTV system. 

We may also obtain information about you from other sources.  This might include information from the local authorities or other professionals or bodies, including a court, which might raise concerns in relation to your child. 

Why do we use your personal data? 

We will process your personal data for the following reasons: 

Where we are required by law, including: 

  • To provide reports and other information required by law in relation to the performance of your child; 
  • To raise or address any concerns about safeguarding; 
  • To the government agencies including the police; 
  • To obtain relevant funding for the school; 
  • To provide or obtain additional services including advice and/or support for your family. 

Where the law otherwise allows us to process the personal data as part of our functions as a school, or we are carrying out a task in the public interest, including: 

  • To confirm your identity; 
  • To communicate matters relating to the school to you; 
  • To safeguard you, our students and other individuals; 
  • To enable payments to be made by you to the school; 
  • To ensure the safety of individuals on the school site; 
  • To aid in the prevention and detection of crime on the school site. 

Where we otherwise have your consent. 

Whilst the majority of processing of personal data we hold about you will not require your consent, we will inform you if your consent is required and seek that consent before any processing takes place. 

Why do we use special category personal data? 

We may process special category personal data in relation to you for the following reasons: 

Where the processing is necessary for reasons of substantial public interest, including for purposes of equality of opportunity and treatment, where this is in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. 

Where the processing is necessary in order to ensure your health and safety on the school site, including making reasonable adjustments for any disabilities you may have. 

Where we otherwise have your explicit written consent. 

There may also be circumstances where we need to use your information in relation to legal claims, or to protect your vital interests of those of your child, and where it is not possible to seek your consent. 

Failure to provide this information 

If you fail to provide information to us we may be prevented from complying with our legal obligations. 

How long will we hold your personal data for? 

We will hold your personal data only for as long as necessary.  How long we need to hold on to any information will depend on the type of information.  For further detail please see our Retention and Destruction Policy. 

Who will we share your personal data with? 

We routinely share information about you with: 

  • Local authorities, to assist them in the exercise of their responsibilities in relation to education and training, youth support and safeguarding purposes. 
  • The Department for Education and/or the Education and Skills Funding Agency, in compliance with legal obligations of the school to provide information about students and parents as part of statutory data collections. 
  • Contractors, such as payment processing providers to enable payments to be made by you to the school and communication providers e.g. Parent Pay and Class Charts.

The Department for Education may share information that we are required to provide to them with other organisations.   

For further information about the Department’s data sharing process, please visit:  Contact details for the Department can be found at

Local authorities may share information that we are required to provide to them with other organisations.   

For further information about the London Borough of Hillingdon’s data sharing process, please visit:  

Contact details for the London Borough of Hillingdon can be found at 

Your rights in relation to your personal data held by us 

You have the right to request access to personal data that we hold about you, subject to a number of exceptions.  To make a request for access to your personal data, you should contact the school’s main office on 01895 234 060 or via email to: 

Please also refer to our Data Protection Policy for further details on making requests for access to your personal data. 

You also have the right, in certain circumstances, to: 

  • Object to the processing of your personal data; 
  • Have inaccurate or incomplete personal data about you rectified; 
  • Restrict processing of your personal data; 
  • Object to the making of decisions about you taken by automated means; 
  • Have your data transferred to another organisation; 
  • Claim compensation for damage caused by a breach of your data protection rights. 

If you want to exercise any of these rights then you should contact Norwena Thomas, Director of Finance & Operations, Uxbridge High School, The Greenway, Uxbridge UB8 2PR.  The law does not oblige the school to comply with all requests.  If the school does not intend to comply with the request then you will be notified of the reasons why in writing. 


If you have any concerns about how we are using your personal data then we ask that you contact our Data Protection Officer in the first instance.  However an individual can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office should you consider this to be necessary, at

Student information 

During your child’s time with us we will gather information about them which we will use for various purposes.  There are some things that we cannot do unless you tell us that we can.  We have set these out in the enclosed Privacy Notice – Consent Form enclosed.  Please could you read this form very carefully and tick the appropriate options, returning it with the admissions booklet.  This will let us know which of these things you are happy for us to do, and which you are not. 

If you are not happy for us to do any of the things in the consent form, then this will not affect your child’s place at Uxbridge High School.  You are completely free to refuse to provide your consent to any of these things.  You do not have to provide reasons for refusing your consent, but we are happy for you to give us additional information if you choose to, so that we understand any concerns that you have and can take appropriate steps where necessary. 

Photographs and videos 

Some of the information on the consent form includes photographs and videos of your child.  We assure you that we take very seriously the issue of potential misuse of photographs and videos of our students, and the measures in place to prevent the misuse of images/videos of students are set out in the school’s Managing ICT and E-Safety Policy

Uxbridge High School may provide photographs and videos to the media, or the school may be visited by the media who will take videos and photographs.  When these have been submitted to or taken by the media the Uxbridge High School has no control over these. 

Consent form 

In addition to completing the online admissions form, you will also be required to complete the online privacy notice consent form sent to you at the same time.

Responsible Use of The Internet

Students must follow the 'rules for responsible ICT use' below, which keeps everyone safe.

  • students only use ICT systems in school, including the internet, email, digital video and mobile technologies for school purposes;

  • students must not download or install software on school technologies;

  • students must only log on to the school network, with their own user name and password;

  • students must follow the school's ICT security system and not reveal their passwords to anyone;

  • students must only use their school email address;

  • students must make sure that all ICT communications with other students, teachers or others is responsible and sensible;

  • students are responsible for their own behaviour when using the internet, which includes the resources they access and the language they use;

  • students must not browse, download, upload or forward material that could be considered offensive or illegal.  

  • students must not give out any personal information such as their name, phone number or address;

  • students must ensure their online activity, both in and outside school, will not cause the school, the staff, students or others distress or bring the school community into disrepute;

  • students must respect the privacy and ownership of others' work online at all times;

  • students must not attempt to bypass the internet filtering system;

  • students should understand that all their use of the internet and other related technologies can be monitored and logged and can be made available to the school;

  • students should understand that these rules are designed to keep them safe and if they are not followed, school sanctions will be applied and their parent/carer may be contacted.

Rewards and Expectations

Class Charts is used to award students with positive behaviour points.  These can be earned in a variety of ways:

  • teachers can award positive behaviour points in lessons for hard work or handing in excellent homework;

  • students can earn positive behaviour points if they join in a wider curricular activity; participate in a sporting activity; being a member of a school team; if they appear in or assist with school events;

  • students that achieve 95% and above attendance.

As staff at the school record these details, you will automatically be sent an update on Class Charts.  

Support in school - if i have a query concerning my child, who can help?

Form tutors are the first point of contact.  If the form tutor is unable to help or if your query is regarding behaviour, contact your child's Guidance Leader.  Attendance concerns should be directed to the Education Welfare Officer via email to .  Medical issues or concerns should be directed to the School Welfare Officer.  Subject specific information or concerns, contact the subject teacher or curriculum leader.  Please see our Key Staff for details.

Uniform support - i believe i may be entitled, how do i apply?

Go to our Uniform and Equipment page and complete the online uniform assistance form.  This will be sent to our finance department, who will make a decision and advise you of the outcome.

Unwell - if my child doesn't feel well whilst at school, what should they do?

Your child should tell their teacher, who will request a member of staff to collect them from class and take them to the welfare office.  If necessary, the School Welfare Officer will contact you to advise your child is unwell.