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Blog for the day


We began today with a meeting with all the BBC news members that would be cooperating for today’s sessions. We came to an agreement on how we were going to go about the day. We ended scoping through some reliable sources mainly from the Independent and Guardian. This gave us the chance to improve our knowledge of fake news and what to trust and what not to trust. 


Everyone had split onto their own selected topic and had begun typing it up on the computer, making further plans. The time had slowly started edging towards us, we had split into our various groups and began to race our next destination or interview. 


We raced around the school, switching from our computer room to teachers classrooms throughout the two hours we had. We had to use our time management skills to ensure we had enough time for all the teachers. A phrase we heard repetitively by our fellow reporters whilst sprinting across the playground was ‘I’m so stressed!’ 


After our break, we relocated back to the computer room and wrote up everything we took notes on throughout the morning. We had to work against the clock, typing up quotes, making videos and editing each other’s articles. We spent the next two hours doing this, there was a lot of pressure to do everything in time. Wilbert kept saying “I’m not getting enough credit for all this work!”. 


We were rushing in order to complete our articles by 1:15pm. We didn’t think we would do it in time, we had to remain calm whilst pushing ourselves to complete the activities to a suitable standard. When we finally sent the final products through, we helped those who hadn’t yet completed. Teamwork! 


We got a visit from the Principal, Mr Clemens. We talked to him about what we are doing with the school reports and we explained each of our articles. Sharing his own personal opinion on each article base. He also commented on the female repression article and told us that it was hard to find a balance between keeping smart uniform and allowing students to express themselves. 


After a long day of Miss Hanif saying ‘Hurry up! Time is not to be wasted!’ we narrowly completed our articles for the deadline and we got to enjoy a well-earned lunch break! Phew!


Wilbert and Anna