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Behaviour for Learning


Proud to make success happen

High quality teaching and learning takes place in an environment that is stimulating and exciting yet maintains order and clear boundaries.

"Pupils' behaviour is outstanding. Pupils show respect for each other and their teachers, and are proud to uphold the values of the school."
Ofsted 2018

Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour for Learning is one of the four pillars that provide the basis of providing an outstanding education and ensuring continual improvement at Uxbridge High School Academy Trust.

In order to achieve the aims of the school and to nurture a safe and healthy learning environment, we expect­ all students to demonstrate behaviour­ which reflects credit on themselves­ and does not hinder the learning of others.


Students need and welcome firm discipline within a relaxed atmosphere. They welcome the security of knowing clearly where they stand, what is expected of them and that rules will be enforced consistently.

Rules are kept to a minimum and expressed­ in simple positive terms. These are reinforced­ at every appropriate opportunity.

A list of classroom non negotiables are displayed in each classroom and they are discussed­ in detail during the induction process­ at the beginning of each academic year. Rules and values are reinforced­ regularly by subject teachers and form tutors.

The school expects high standards of behaviour­ and this can be best achieved when all members of the school community feel involved, support and co-operate with each other. Through Assessment for Learning great importance is placed on interesting and engaging lessons. This encourages students to take responsibility for their behaviour and learning in a way that encourages them to achieve and fulfill their potential.

Students respond to a supportive and caring approach­, they therefore need a high level­ of support, encouragement and reminders­, in order to achieve the expected level of courtesy, politeness and an active consideration of others. The House System and extra-curricular programme give students access to opportunities allowing them to make a positive contribution to the community.

The policy emphasises the importance of encouragement­ and praise by highlighting a student’s success in all areas of school life. We believe that success, at whatever level, should be acknowledged and should be prized and publicised. The policy provides­ clear strategies for rewards, consequences and the positive attitudes to work. Throughout students are encouraged to accept responsibility for their actions and earn rewards that relate to commitment, discipline and hard work.

It is important that rules, strategies and systems are clearly understood by all members of the school community and that they are applied consistently, with flexibility and sensitivity in the use of consequences­, considering each student’s circumstances.

Please view our full Behaviour Policy here.

"Pupils are very welcoming and well mannered. In lessons and assemblies, pupils listen to each other respectfully, share good humour and are loyal to and appreciative of their school's values."
Ofsted 2018