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Key Stage 4 Results

Dedicated work by students and staff at Uxbridge High School have supported an 8% rise in the school’s 5 A* – C including English and Mathematics figure to 51%.

There was consistently high achievement across all subjects and in particular outstanding performances in many GCSE results including mathematics (73%) the sciences, drama and art all of whom were delighted with headline results. 50% of students enriched their qualification portfolio with a top (A-C) grade in a modern foreign language. In vocational PE, music and business studies students were rewarded with 100% pass rates. 52% of all Btec passes were with the highest Merit and Distinction grades.

Top performers in 2014 at Uxbridge High School include:

Sathuson Sivalingarasa     6 A*, 5 A, 2 C grades with A* in mathematics, sciences and languages
Nathan Mullins                  5 A*, 6 A, 3 B grades with A* in sciences and mathematics
Jerry Bond                        3 A*, 3 A, 5 B, 1 C grades including a double A* in mathematics and additional mathematics
Chelsea Tripp                    1 A*, 4 A, 3 B, 4 C grades including an A* in English language and A grade in English literature

Chelsea said, “I am delighted with my results, I am looking forward to studying English in the Sixth Form and at university in the future. Thank you to all my teachers”.

Iqra Bari                              9 A, 5 B, 2 C grades including top passes in Urdu and Punjabi
Shivani Rajani                    1 A*, 8 A, 5 B grades
Courtney Bradshaw           3 A*, 7 A, 4 B grades
Hannah Graham                2 A*, 6 A, 2 B, 1 C grades
Diana Korzovaite               1 A*, 8 A, 4 B grades
Kaltrina Krasniqi               11 A, 2 B, 1 C grades
Chloe Reeves                      1 A*, 4 A, 8 B grades
Radim Asil                          1 A*, 7 A, 6 B grades
Ayshwaria Kishenlal          6 A, 4 B, grades
Jordan Hughes                   1 A*, 6 A, 6 B grades
Anam Hafeez                     1 A*, 2 A, 10 B, 1 C grades

Nigel Clemens, Acting Principal, said “We are delighted that our headline figures are moving forward in such a positive way.  The UHS curriculum has enabled students to excel both in traditional academic and vocational areas. The students have laid great foundations on which to build their sixth form courses”.

Picture:  top row – Radim Asil, Jordan Hughes, Shivani Rajani, Iqra Bari, Courtney Bradshaw, Anam Hafeez, Chelsea Tripp, Diana Korzovaite, Kaltrina Krasniqi, Bottom row – Satuson Sivalingarasa and Jerry Bond.