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Weekly Update 3/11/2023

Dear parents, carers and students


 We hope this newsletter finds you well. It is a pleasure to connect with you again and share the latest updates from our school.


 1. Assembly Themes: Careers and Enterprise

This week, our school assemblies centred around the themes of careers and enterprise. We're thrilled to report that our sixth form students played an integral role in delivering these assemblies, working closely with Mr. Ahmed from the business studies department. These assemblies are part of our ongoing commitment to helping our students explore the world of work, and discover the wealth of career opportunities that lie ahead. We want every young person to believe that their dreams are achievable, and we reinforce this belief through real-life role models who inspire them. Our sixth form students are exemplary mentors and ambassadors for our school, showcasing the opportunities available to those who join our sixth form.


2. Post 16 Open Evening

Speaking of our fantastic sixth form, we recently held our post 16 open evening, an event that provides a glimpse into the high-performing educational journey our students experience. We're grateful for the support from parents/carers and Year 11 students, as well as students from other schools, who are exploring the opportunity to join our sixth form.


3. Remembrance Day

As we approach Remembrance Day, our next week's assemblies will honor this significant event. We are acutely aware of the importance of Remembrance Day, especially in our local community. In history lessons, assemblies, and discussions across the school, our students will learn about the profound significance of this day, particularly in the context of the global challenges we face today. We will observe the Remembrance Day silence to pay our respects and reflect on the sacrifices made by so many.


4. Ofsted Report

We are excited to share our Ofsted report with you. This report showcases the remarkable progress and achievements of our school. Our principal, staff, and students have worked tirelessly to create an outstanding educational environment. We are grateful for the glowing feedback, and this report affirms our commitment to continuous improvement. The report also mentions that Ofsted will be visiting us again to witness our exceptional practices first hand. We plan to celebrate this achievement with a special message to our students and a celebratory lunch for the entire school next Thursday.


5. Curriculum and Personal Development

Our curriculum remains ambitious, challenging, and tailored to each student's needs. We are committed to providing a gold standard education that equips our students for success. Beyond the classroom, our personal development programs offer a wide range of opportunities, ensuring our students develop the values and skills they need to excel. We encourage every student to participate in at least one club per week, enhancing their experience at our school.


6. Upcoming Events

As we approach Christmas, we look forward to sharing more exciting events and developments in the school. Our Year 11 and Year 13 students are starting their next round of mock exams, and we appreciate your support during this period. If your child requires additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact their respective year group heads.


In closing, we wish everyone a fantastic weekend. Whether you're celebrating Bonfire Night or simply enjoying some downtime, we hope it's filled with joy. We are continually grateful for your support and commitment to our school community.


Best regards,

Louisa Seymour