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Students and staff at Uxbridge High School are delighted with this year’s GCSE results.

GCSE examinations across the board now have been revised and all now use the grading system of 9- 1, where 9 is the highest grade achievable. Grade 4 is considered to be a ‘standard pass’ and Grade 5, a ‘strong pass’

Our students’ English and maths scores are high as expected. In English, 60% of students achieved grades 9-5 and 72% achieved 9-4. In maths, 44% achieved 9-5 and 67% achieved 9-4. Combining both English and maths, 40% achieved 9-5 and 61% achieved 9-4. 10% of our students achieved the highest grades of 8 or 9 in English and/or maths.

The sciences have maintained outstanding results with 98% achieving 9-5 in triple science (biology, chemistry and physics) and combined science scoring highly. We are delighted to have exceeded national averages in English, maths and sciences and in a number of measures.

A number of our students also achieved the top grades in a range of academic subjects (EBacc) and across the wider curriculum, we are delighted that our performing arts, art, music and sports students were rewarded with high percentages of top 9-5 grades.

Particular congratulations to Patrik Limani, who achieved an incredible 9 grade 9s and Holly Parrish who achieved 8 grade 9s and 1 grade 8. Both of these students will be recognised as in the top 1000 performers in the country. Other high performers include:

Aaisha Alfathi 4 grade 9s 3 grade 8s
Naomi Bains 3 grade 9s 3 grade 8s
Hussain Bakoo 4 grade 9s 2 grade 8s
Thomas Dingwall 2 grade 9s 4 grade 8s
Numair Hoque 4 grade 9s 1 grade 8
Abdinasir Hurre 3 grade 9s 1 grade 8
Grace Longo 2 grade 9s 6 grade 8s
Elisia Swaby 6 grade 9s 3 grade 8s


Patrick said “Revise, listen to your teachers and do your homework on time. Every teacher has been really helpful and supportive”.

Aaisha said “Surrounded by an enthralling atmosphere, what else can you do but strive?”

Holly said “All of my teachers worked so hard and pushed me to succeed. They did everything they could to help me succeed”.

Numair stated “All the support from the teachers and how dedicated they were to help me succeed”.

Students collecting their results today were keen to sign up to our sixth form and are looking forward to re-joining the school in September.

Mr Clemens, Principal, said “This year’s results are very pleasing. They represent consolidation of our year on year high standards. Congratulations to all of our staff and students who have worked so hard.”

In further helping students and parents to understand the new examinations and grading system, you might like to refer to the following guide:

What the new GCSEs mean in 2018 - A guide for parents and carers

This guide gives more information on the current GCSEs, which are ‘harder’ with more rigorous content and less coursework, controlled assessment and modular exams and with more focus on end- of-course exams.