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RAF Northolt – Service Prosecuting Authority

Gloria Feudjo Tepie, a Year 12 student from Uxbridge High Sixth Form, was given the opportunity to spend three days in the Service Prosecuting Authority at RAF Northolt. She was invited to spend her time developing transferable skills, such as communication and team work.

This experience brought a job she had read about to life and confirmed a potential career interest. We thank Lt Col AG Fryatt, the Legal Training & Information Officer at RAF Northolt for his time with Gloria and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Gloria said the following of the experience and time at RAF Northolt:

“I was given the amazing opportunity to witness what the life of a real criminal lawyer entailed. Many of my assumptions I'd prematurely reached from popular programmes such as ‘CSI’ and ‘Criminal Minds’.  I was able to explore the reality of the actual work day of those who defend the justice of civilians. What made my experience all the more informative is that I was able to research the specific field of military law.

At my three day stay I was able to get clued up on the perceptive minds of criminal lawyers and was introduced on how to approach a case; this opportunity was a prime example of why I continue to enjoy and appreciate the Uxbridge High School sixth form. This opportunity further inspired me to continue in my goal in becoming a lawyer, the motivation and passion of all the lawyers in the department inspired me and my current work ethic.

Thank you for those who allowed me to have this wonderful experience".