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Application for free school meals

For households with no recourse to public funds (NRPF)

Please complete all sections in full.

The information provided will be used for the sole purpose of determining eligibility for free school meals under this criteria. Further information relating to this extension can be found on the government website here. Please complete the online free school meal checker here, if this criteria does not apply.

Note that eligibility for free school meals will also attract additional funding for the school, in the form of pupil premium funding. This funding can be used by the school to provide additional support to your child including extra tuition or after school activities.

Details of the Child/Children

Details of Parent/Carer

Please tick the immigration category you are applying under

Note that for Zambrano and Chen carers

If you do not have a derivative residence card, you must submit evidence that demonstrates all of the following:  

- You are not a British citizen
- Your child is a British citizen
- You are a direct relative or legal guardian of the child and have primary responsibility for the child 
- That there are other members of your family in the UK or the EEA who could look after the child.

Please upload evidence of status as listed above

No file chosen No file chosen No file chosen No file chosen

Local Authority of your home address

How many adults live your address?

Are you employed?

Is your partner employed?

Are there any other employed adults in your household?

Please tick the income category you are applying under

Please upload evidence of income for ALL adults in the household

Acceptable evidence: 

Payslip from employer 

P60, if dated within 2 months 

Bank statement covering the last 3 months 

Letter from local authority confirming support 

Letter from employer confirming annual income 

These must all be accompanied by bank statements showing the latest 3 months, to evidence total income 

No file chosen No file chosen No file chosen No file chosen No file chosen No file chosen No file chosen No file chosen